Week 1:Sean Hillegass, Rio Grande | Striped Bass | 39.23-pounds | Caught May 5 | Other Than Boat (surf)|Weighstation: Off the Hook Bait and Tackle at Hinch Marina in Cape May
Week 2:Drew Hemerich, Brigantine | Drumfish | 66.5-pound | Caught May 15 in Brigantine
Week 2:Nancy Tregnan, Brigantine | Summer Flounder | 10.3 pound | Caught May 17 in Brigantine (surf)
Week 3:Skip Compton, Galloway| Weakfish | 7.81-pound | Caught May 21in the Margate Back Bays
Week 4:Eric Aubrey, EHT| Striped Bass | 38-pound | Caught May 25 on the Margate Beach
Week 5:Brian Lipski, Philadelphia| Striped Bass | 55-pound | Caught in the North Wildwood Surf
Week 5:William Will, Mays Landing| 2 Flounder | 5.7-pound & 4.8-pounds| Caught in Great Bay
Week 5:Paul Ribble, Ocean City| Flounder | 7.5-pound | Caught on a bomber in Corson Inlet
Week 6:Chris Stewart, Egg Harbor City| Striped Bass | 50-pound | Caught June 10 off Brigantine
Week 7:Terry Eiseman, Monroeville| Flounder | 13.36-pound | Caught June 18 in Ship Channel off Somers Point
Week 7:Kelly Gregory, Somers Point| Weakfish | 7-pound | Caught June 16 in Great Egg Harbor River
Week 8:Bill Kleinnow, Little Egg Harbor| Smooth Back Puffer | 3.71-pound | Caught June 19 in Great Bay
Week 8:Roberta Cavaliere, Brigantine| Flounder | 11-pound | Caught June 23 in Absecon Inlet
Week 9:Timothy Lehman, Avalon| Big Eye Tuna | 101.8-pound | Caught June 24 at Wilmington Canyon
Week 9:Rodger Leeds, Ocean City| Striped Bass | 24.8-pound | Caught June 24 in Great Egg Harbor Bay
Week 10:Don Scull, Absecon| Sheepshead | 12.6-pound | Caught July 14
Week 11:Hunter Reese, Mays Landing| Flounder | 6.3-pound | Entered contest in Youth Division
Week 11:Matthew Gagliardi, Cape May Court House|Sea Bass | 4.54-pound | Entered contest in Youth Division
Week 12:Evan Winokur, Margate | Houndfish | 2.2-pound | Caught July 13| Entered contest in Most Unusual
Week 12:Robert Lee, Mays Landing| Sheepshead | 5.8-pound | Entered contest in Youth Division
Week 13:Skip Armstrong, Dias Creek| Flounder | 9-pound, 2 ounce| Caught August 2
Week 13:Justin De Rosa, Broomall, PA| Reef Sea Bass| 4.93-pound| Caught July 29| Entered in Offshore Division
Week 14:Peter Fricano, Avalon| Wahoo | 69-pound| Caught August 14
Week 14:Trey Doyle, Philadelphia, PA| 38- pound| Tile fish| Caught August 8
Week 15Denise Marie Theiler, Little Egg Harbor 34- pound| Cobria| Caught August 19
Week 15:John German, South Dennis Twp.| 66- pound| Cobria| Caught August 19
Week 16:Brenda Szemis, EHT| 4-pound| Triggerfish| Caught August 22| Entered in Most Unusual
Week 17:Heather DeFeo, Brigantine| 32-pound| Wahoo| Caught September 4| Entered in Women's Division
Week 17:David Soltis,Galloway| 8.45-pound| Flounder| Caught September 1
Week 18:Jeff Ambrose, Telford, PA| 39-pound, 7-ounce| Mahi| Caught September 14
Week 18:Michael Galdi, Avalon| 63-pound| Yellowfin Tuna| Caught September 14| Entered in Youth Division


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